Adding code highlighting to your jekyll blog - II

Last year I wrote on Adding code highlighting to a jekyll blog using highlight.js. One of the main reasons I chose it was the number of themes it provided, and being a fan of monokai, I was happy to see it in the list of themes provided. That was until I languages became an issue for me.

Recently I started hacking my emacs configuration after almost a year of using Prelude. And when I tried highlighting the Elisp code in it, the code highlighting started getting messed up. Somehow it was not able to recognise Elisp as a form of Lisp.

Enter Rouge. Well not just Rouge, but also Jekyll’s Github Flavoured Markdown rendering. Now powered by Github and Rouge’s highlighting I can write blog posts the same way I write README’s and can safely assume that code highlighting will be taken care of. Of course, it didn’t solve one of the pressing problems I had: the lack of themes for highlighting. Fortunately I also found a Monokai based highlighting CSS for rouge.

So blog away, with better highlighting